GESS International NC, INC. Solidifies National Account Agreement with Capstone Microturbines

May 6th, 2019, Raleigh, NC – On April 10th, GESS International’s Project Manager, Tony Pinckney, and Pipeline Engineer, Mark Little, traveled to Long Beach, California for a meeting with Team Members of Capstone Turbine Corporation to solidify the National Account Agreement for GESS International NC, INC. The Agreement was fully executed April 29th. GESS over the life of 20 Biogas projects will purchase a total of $53,000,000 worth of Capstone Microturbines.


GESS International NC, INC. has 20 proposed Biogas projects across the country that will produce 550,000 MMbtu worth of Renewable Natural Gas to be directly injected in the national natural gas pipeline infrastructure. There will be a 2.2MW solar array, and 1.6 MW’s worth of Capstone Microturbine units to internally power the Biogas Plants at each site. These Biogas Plants will increase Capstone Microturbine’s North American capacity by 32 MW’s of power, and GESS will become one of the largest buyers of Microturbines in the country.



2019-05-08 08:05