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Green Energy Sustainable Solutions for USA

Green Supermarkets

As a Utility Containment Company, GESS builds, operates, monitors and maintains supermarkets' energy infrastructure. We provide customers with guaranteed risk mitigated cost savings, improved store aesthetics and the bragging rights of sustainability and civic responsibility while saving money.

We allow supermarket owners to recognize great energy and maintenance savings by teaming with our energy efficiency experts to manage the engineering, financial and maintenance obstacles associated with the deployment of energy efficiency projects.

Green Supermarkets
Solar Energy

Solar Energy Projects

GESS develops and operates solar projects across the United States. In cooperation with the best equipment manufacturers, we are offering complete solutions for greenfield and building integrated solar projects.

Our Engineering team brought out an original solution for efficient use of parking area. Solar awnings open opportunity for generating electricity by diversifying the use of territory covered by parking places. Simple steel constructions with solar panels will provide your business with an independent source of cash flow.

Please contact our managers to know about opportunities for your business.