GESS International

Energy Projects Financing Around the World

GESS Capital is a UK based company which within the framework of energy project helps businesses identify the most appropriate solutions to improve energy efficiency, investment development program, and helping to prepare required documents meeting the international standards for long-term and low-cost targeted funding.


Financing Options

GWe offer various options for financial instruments that can be used for investing in energy projects:

  • The use of current (own) assets of client’s enterprise
  • GESS participation solely as a service company for the development of the project
  • Search for new owners for customer projects
  • GESS equity financing (the target entry in the share capital)
  • Raising capital from international financial organizations and private investors

Financing Structure

  • Signing Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Insurance background personel approval
  • Signing the Consulting Services Agreement (according to the requirements of international investors)
  • Collecting data on the enterprise (legal and economical due diligence)
  • Project Technical analysis (equipment selection)
  • Financial model preparation
  • Preparation of the investment set of documents
  • Getting letter of intent from insurance brokers on the project insurance
  • Approval of the financing conditions
  • Signing Investment Agreements
  • Getting financing and implementation of the project

Project Insurance

GESS has an access to complex insurance for projects that includes the following options:

  • Current property insurance on the project site
  • Delivery of the equipment and accessories from the manufacturer to the construction site
  • Technical project parameters insurance
  • Political risk insurance (terrorism, revolution, looting, acts of war)
GESS Capital

Investments to energy projects today opens for enterprises an opportunity to IMPROVE COMPETITIVENESS and to fully IMPLEMENT THE EXISTING RESOURCES of the World