Green Energy Sustainable Solutions, Inc. (GESS) Developing Another Biogas Facility in North Carolina

RALEIGH, NC, April 11, 2018 - Green Energy Sustainable Solutions, Inc. (GESS), announces plans to develop a second biogas plant in North Carolina. The site located in Wilson County, is owned by Andrews Hunt Farms, will be powered by swine brown biomass manure and agriculture waste. The Wilson County Green Energy Biogas Park project is expected to produce 330,000 MMBtu of renewable natural gas annually.

The Stantonsburg, North Carolina biogas development will create 10 to 15 new jobs and cut methane emissions to the atmosphere as the plant will process approximately 130 thousand tons of waste per year. Additionally, it will be possible to produce and sell organic fertilizer, an outcome of the anaerobic digestion process. R.C. Hunt, owner of Andrews Hunt Farms, is leasing the land for the biogas project. “This project will provide a reference for other hog farmers interested in constructing biogas plants. Having the GESS team in place is a great resource to start seeing the benefits of renewable energy on the economy and in the community.”

GESS has partnered with Biogest® to assist with the design and construction of the PowerRing biogas plant. The facility will consist of an external, main digester and an internal post digester. The PowerRing digester is sealed and insulated, equipped with a reinforced concrete roof. The swine lagoons on the property will be emptied and contents used in the biogas process, reducing odors and other environmental concerns. Biogest® will provide biogas engineering operations and their manufactured PowerRing equipment, Capstone Microturbine Corporation is supplying the low emission gas turbines.

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