Technology highlights:

  • High flexibility in substrate utilization
  • Low process energy consumption due to the specific fermentergeometry (up to -60%)
  • 84% degree of degradation (80% industry average)lower substrate cost and emissions<
  • High reliability and stability of plant operation
  • High full load hours of an average of 95% compared to 89% industry average
Biogest Power Ring

PowerCompact-Technology (100 kW)

Technology highlights:

  • Designed specifically for the dairy industry
  • Able to handle large amounts of slurry thereby reducing input costs
  • Fully automatical operation and time-efficient maintenance
  • The CHP,the heating system and the control room are all housed in the technology container which saves construction costs and valuable time
  • PlugandPlay–Due to the simple installation and short start-up period
  • Use of high-quality plant components with a goodprice-performance ratio from well-known European manufacturers with numerous good references
  • Biogest Power Compact

Biogas–Process overview

Biogass Project